FAQ for Inkporter

Inkporter failed to export clone object?

For some unexplained conditions Inkscape cli will crash when try to export clone object, please try to unclone first, than re-run Inkporter. This is special case that randomly happen (we still have no idea how to fix it)

Inkporter already installed to but doesn't work, why?

Inkporter need some dependencies to do its task. Pleas see dependecies list.

You have Inkporter, Inkporter Windows, and Inkporter Extension, what's different?

Inkporter, mainly is developed for Linux, but since windows has WSL feature you can run it there. But the problem i for non-Windows 10 user that have no WSL feature, so we remake it for for Windows. Inkporter-Win not developed by me, Rijal is the main contributor and developer for this inkporter version.

After severeal month, we got so much feedback about inkporter and beyond our expectation, Inkporter is very usefull tools that work out of the box. So, we decide to accept their request: transfrom inkporter as Inkscape extension. In simple word, inkporter extension is GUI version of inkporter CLI.

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