Inkporter (Ekstension)

Inkpoter GUI

An extension that will help you to export your object in your SVG to several format (SVG, JPG, PDF, Multiple PDF Page, WEBP, and EPS) by its ID. If you're book creator, icon designer, seller on marketplace, web designer, this ekstension will fully help your task. This ekstension also available as CLI version, please refer to this page.

How Inkporter Work

The simple explanations is, inkporter will read ID pattern (i.e icon-1, icon-2, icon-3, etc) that you've set and than export them to format file that you need. We can say that inkporter allow you to feel work with artboard-like or multiple-page-like in Inkscape.


Currently we make this ekstension for Inkscape 0.9x, we need some lines to make this ekstension work on version 1.x, and of course we'll do it in the future. To make Inkporter run correctly, please make sure that this Dependencies already installed on your system:

  • Inkscape

  • librsvg2-bin (this package has different name on some linux distro repositories)

  • Ghostscript

  • ImageMagick

  • webp / libwebp

How to Use Inkporter

Just copy and paset inkporter.inx and to Inkscape extension directory, usually in $HOME/.config/inkscape/extensions for linux.

Unable to find where is the extensions directory for your Inkscape installation? you can check it from Edit > Preferences > System menu, then look at User extensions path in System Info section.

If the installation is correct, you'll find Inkporter menu on Extensions -> Export -> Inkporter.

Development Status:


This project fully supported by Gimpscape Indoensia (The Biggest Indonesia F/LOSS Design Community)

Disclaimer & Donation

This is early development extension. We don't guarantee anything about this extension so please use at your own risk. Currently, we focus developing inkporter on linux as primary system, so if you use MacOS or Windows forgive us if we can't provide full features of Inkporter. The main problem is dependencies installation for each operating system is different, so it effect to inkporter features.

If you feel helped by this extension, of course you can give us a cup of coffee, please refer to Dev-Lovers Page :")

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